My ways of working with you

One to one Reiki sessions

Reiki works by clearing stagnant energy blockages within our mind and body, helping us to align with our spirit.  It’s a great tool to dip into when you are suffering with anxiety, stress or emotional issues, pain or injury, or to help tap into the life force that is all around you energetically, physically and spiritually.

Sessions in person, or via SKYPE.  

Costs £60/hr.  Concessions available on request.


One to one Shamanic drumming sessions

Shamanic drumming works by bringing mind, body and spirit into union. These sessions allow you access to your inner knowing, assisting with a deeper meditative state using the rhythm of the drum.  I will take you on a guided journey to understand key themes in your life. With awareness comes great healing and we are then able to embrace our life’s lessons.  For those seeking a deeper spiritual connection, we can journey to find your own spiritual team who are always there wanting to connect and assist on your life’s journey. 

Costs £60/hr.  Concessions available on request.


Higher Self Healing Package 

Week 1 - We will be working with your own blocks towards growth; clearing habitual behaviour, stagnant thought patterns and clogged energy from previous ailments or circumstances.

Week 2– Shadow work; our core wounds / trauma.  Bringing light (awareness) to our dark (subconscious or hidden self) so we can heal and move on from it.

Week 3 – Accessing our inner light, our innate self without programming or patterns we have layered on. Returning to the inner child who knows how to align with their own sense of joy.  

Week 4– Synchronising with the higher self to align with your unique gifts and true power, whilst restoring energetic balance within your mind, body & spirit.  Expanding your sixth sense to bring union with your human and higher self.

Offered only to clients who have worked with me before.  4 sessions required, £300. total fee.