I was initially a sceptic when Cheryl first introduced me to reiki, but after talking it through I went into our first session with an open mind. The initial session focused on relaxing my body and clearing my busy mind, by the end I was a reiki convert! I have had regular sessions since working on various issues that I've had physically and emotionally, the impact has exceeded my expectations and has taught me the benefits of meditation and mindfulness. I wouldn't go to anybody else for my reiki, Cheryl is professional, empathetic, kind, reassuring and passionate about reiki. I couldn't recommend her highly enough​.   


I started having sessions with Cheryl whilst I was going through a stressful time at work and finding it difficult to juggle my work and family life. The stress was starting to manifest physically and I was feeling very run down and exhausted. From the first session, I have found Reiki to be an immensely up lifting and empowering experience and like a huge weight was lifted. It felt really good to give myself the time to relax and feel the anxiety release. Each session has left me feeling more restored both physically and mentally.


I've been having regular Reiki sessions with Cheryl for almost a year.  I started having Reiki to prepare myself for the labour of my first child and to improve my daily meditation practise and intuition.  I can honestly say that all of these objectives were met and the sessions have surpassed my expectations.  I now have sessions with Cheryl for many reasons such as feeling run down, lack of sleep, negative thoughts, back ache, the list goes on!  I always finish my sessions feeling peaceful, positive and revitalised.  I moved away from London so thought I wouldn't be able to have my regular sessions but Cheryl does Skype sessions.  I was a bit skeptical at first but can honestly say some of best Reiki sessions have been done remotely.  I trust so much in Cheryl's ability as a Reiki Practitioner that she has done sessions on my newborn son where I have seen instant benefits from.  I would highly recommend Cheryl to anyone considering Reiki.​


Cheryl is a wonderful and truly gifted practitioner.  My sessions with Cheryl provide such a great opportunity for me to take some time for me and to check in with myself, regaining a sense of balance in the midst of an often turbulent and hectic life as a working mum.  She is always able to very naturally and quickly tune in to the way I'm feeling and senses what I need to focus on at that particular time, often helping me to bring difficult things to the surface in a safe and protected space.


I found my sessions with Cheryl to be calm, relaxing and reflective.  I practically floated out of the room with a deep sense of clarity and a new energy.  Cheryl is very personable and has a warm heart.


I had a really relaxing session with Cheryl, who was incredibly patient and informative as well as welcoming and calm to someone brand new at Reiki. I think it’s really important to open your mind to new experiences and try things that push you out of your comfort zone which is what this was for me – although ironically I was very comfortable during the session!