Seeing through our third eye

Located in between our eyebrows is our third eye. A knowing like no other, because it’s the eye that can’t be seen, but can be experienced. In Reiki, I use this chakra to heal clients over long distance, connecting in our sessions via Skype. When I first tried this type of treatment as a client myself, I was blown away. I began to experience how far energy encompasses and how little I understood the world. Opening up my third eye has brought me catapulting back into an ancient wisdom, my past lives and hurled into a cosmic reality. For me, it was the full understanding that there is so much more to life than meets the eye, the normal eyes anyway!

A great place to start work with this chakra is to sit under the stars at night and contemplate the wonder of the world. Another is imagining an eye in the middle of your forehead, really close your eyes and picture it and add your own details; colours, eyelashes, sparkle and look out from that eye and see what it see’s. You can also press fingers, or your thumb, into this space and find relaxation flow through your entire body.

The third eye is the home of our sixth sense, which manifests in people in various ways. It is usually linked with clairvoyance but there are other ways that you can receive guidance. Here are some of the ways the sixth sense communicates:

Clairvoyance means clear seeing. This may include visions, dreams, reading auras, spirits, images, symbols and colours.

Claircognizance means clear knowing. This may include sudden epiphanies, or having a hunch of what is right for you before the evidence presents itself fully.

Clairaudience means clear hearing. This may come through music, words, voices, or sounds that others can’t hear.

Clairempathy means clear emotional feeling. This is when we are able to pick up on people’s emotions. Many have the untrained ‘empath’ skill.

Clairsentience – means clear feeling. This is when the body picks up on something. You may get a gut reaction, or tingles down the body.

Clairtangency – means clear touching. This is the ability to pick up on information through touching items and reading their history.

Clairsalience – means clear smelling. This is often picking up on strong smells when no-one else can, which remind you of a person, place, or time.

Clairgustance – means clear taste. This is having a taste in your mouth which appears out of nowhere.

Look out for which way your own inner guidance is calling to you today by enjoying the next free chakra meditation here.