Finding your own expression

The throat chakra was where it all started. I knew mine was blocked. I didn’t know how I knew it, I just did. It led me to a much deeper discovery of myself.

I had just begun training as an actress after years of having my creativity kept locked inside. My voice yet to be found.

I had this knowing, this idea, this feeling, that some sort of unlocking needed to happen and then it all began to unravel. My repressed rage, the stifling of the divine feminine, my healing, pain clamped down from ‘women should be seen and not heard’. So, I needed to be heard, loud and clear. And then I began to write a story, my story.

I wrote and I wrote with a feverish obsession, all of these words from times gone by, inspiration to be found all around me and within. I found this rich storytelling voice that was sometimes confused by form, yet fuelled by my wildly creative imagination, which eventually grafted itself into my first play ‘Awaken’. The title was working it’s magic on me as I went through my own spiritual awakening whilst writing it.

I am grateful for the blockage, the metaphorical lump in my throat that led me to where I am today. It is also why I know, without a shadow of doubt, the power that lies in our innate wisdom to sense where we are stuck energetically and to follow our souls calling towards our own cure.

It’s time to express yourself clearly, boldly and as loud as you wish. No apologies for a bum note if you’re singing, no apologies for a rubbish first draft if you’re writing, no apologies for communicating your truth, even if it makes others uncomfortable.

Here’s a meditation to help you get comfortable with your own sound, or allow enough silence in your life so that you can hear where your own unique expression is willing you to go.

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