Drums, Rebels, Meditations and Power!

Spring is in full swing so it’s time to call in new beginnings, expand a little further and reach for those stars. Come join me for a few exciting events in the next few weeks.

On Saturday May 18th I will be leading a Shamanic Drumming Meditation at the Tabernacle in Nottinghill at 1pm. Drumming Meditations are a great tool to clear the mind and go deeper into your meditation practice, or if you’re a beginner it helps to find your way in. Way into what you ask? That is where the fun begins. Exploring the imagination, the hidden depths of the mind, or the spiritual realm depending on what belief system holds true for you.

We also have many wonderful Practitioners from Nottinghill Therapy Clinic offering taster sessions of their treatments, as well as various workshops run through the afternoon.

It’s totally free!

Come visit us to nourish your mind, body and spirit.

On Saturday 25th May, along with Seemia Theatre, I will be running a drumming workshop in honour of Rebel’s season at Albany Deptford. It’s time to make some serious noise, free your inner wild child and create a community of protest against however you feel most shackled. Free the spirit, the voice and your own sacred sound. Drums will be provided and it’s pay what you can afford. Details below.


Another little treat for you to start your week feeling empowered is the Solar Plexus Meditation. This is the chakra of Purpose. When it’s in balance we feel empowered to walk our own path, beat our own drum and pursue our dreams.