Calling Creative Women out there!

Yes that’s YOU if you are an artist of any kind: actors, dancers, performers, teachers, craft makers and YOU mothers out there, because COME ON NOW, you created something amazing in your own body, your child, or children. Now I can only can speak for one of those categories; as a theatre maker myself, I have been part of creating many things I didn’t think was possible, but as a healer, I have worked with many mothers who were in particular need of nourishment, relaxation and some time out for themselves. In both cases - in fact, everyone - is in need of an energetic clearing and an awareness of the creative power that is within their bodies. I’m focusing on women today as WE have the capacity to create life and that should be celebrated. YET if we choose another route, or that is the path given to us, my belief is that should be honoured as well. It’s our sacred birth-right.

Which leads me to the sacral chakra, which energetically is the feminine centre within us all. Located in the pelvis area, it is associated with the colour orange and has the seed sound VAM. Its Sanskrit name - which for those who don’t know is one of the oldest languages in India - is Svadhisthana, meaning one’s own place or sweetness. It’s also our emotional centre and linked with intuition. How many times have you heard the term ‘gut instinct’, or my ‘stomach was churning’ which makes a lot of sense when we know where this centre is located. The sacral chakra is also related to the element of water. Often we can release water in the forms of tears when we are holding stuck emotion here and my invitation to you would be to welcome the release and invite back in flow. Riding the tides of your own life, rather than battling against the current. For one day, ask yourself consistently ‘Am in welcoming in what is happening today, or resisting it?’

When the sacral centre is in balance we are able to feel great joy, sensuality and pleasure in our lives. We are in our true creative power, able to nurture ourselves and create freely, allowing inspiration to flow through us.

Blockages to the sacral chakra include feeling held back, suppressing our needs for affection and touch, or being unable to express our creativity which is why I seek out those mothers out there who do such a good job of taking care of their children and tending to their every need, as well as those artists who are feeling in any way blocked to enjoy the gift of the free meditation below and invite more flow into your day, enjoying something sacred for yourself.

To access the rest of the chakra mediation series you can sign up to my You Tube channel Dark 2 Light Reiki where they will be released over the next few weeks. For information on my Reiki Healing you can check out my website