How Chakra’s can align your Well Being

I first stumbled across the Chakra’s when I was wading through a friend’s bookshelf 5 years ago. I had just left my career behind and was retraining as an actress. The way I viewed the world was

Chakra is a Sanskirt word which means ‘wheel of light’. The famous psychoanalyst Carl Jung referred to them as ‘the gateways of consciousness’. There are seven main chakras and each has an associated colour, mantra and purpose. These are named: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and the Crown Chakra. These Chakras are mainly energy centres inside of the body, beginning at the base of the spine, with only the Crown Chakra based above the head.

Once I began studying the chakras I took time to discover the elements of each one independently. They changed my understanding of life, providing a link between mind, body and spirit. I naturally evolved to train in Reiki which furthered my understanding of working with the abundant energy that is within and around us. I discovered each Chakra also reveals imbalances, as they hold stagnant energy when we are out of sync. The good news is we are able to clear them using meditations, Reiki healing and many other types of energetic work. Balancing and clearing your Chakras allows you to be more receptive to world around you, and with consistent work I have seen it rebalance many physical, emotional or mental issues both in myself, and clients.

Over the next seven week’s I will go into more detail on each chakra, sharing a mediation associated with each one. Each meditation provided is matched with the seed sound to aid with energetic clearing. In much the same way that you wouldn’t give your home a clean just once a year, or your teeth, energetic clearing is a consistent practice and frequency is the key to vibrant health.

You can gain access to my free Chakra mediations by subscribing to my You Tube channel called Dark 2 Light Reiki. We begin with the Root chakra which is at the base of your spine and assists with grounding and feelings of safety and security. It's especially helpful for those of us who have ever changing lifestyles, are searching for a deeper connection within, or are beginning any mind, body or spiritual work. Once balanced it can allow in better financial wealth and help clear any physical pain in the body, or scarcity in the mind. It's seed mantra is LAM.

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