Drumming until your hearts content!

Drumming Circles

Drumming in a circle can be extremely uplifting. Creating a shared sound that moves in crescendos, pace and rhythm together, is a way to instantly connect as a group. It encourages everyone involved to listen to one another and is a sound that we are comforted by. After all, the first repetitive sound we had when we were babies in the womb was the beat of our mother’s heart. Drumming and the voice are the oldest means of communication. Many ancient tribes would live in the forests and use self- made drums, built with trees and animal skins, as a means of a shared language, a form of ceremony, or a religious practise. It is an empowering way to shift energy, or alter our state of consciousness. For this reason, drumming can be a great meditative practise with its ability to bring in sacred knowledge, awareness and spiritual connection. A shamanic practitioner will be able to guide people with a repetitive beat so that it is often easier to reach deeper places within the mind, body and spirit.

Drumming is the perfect way to become instantly grounded, in your body and within the present moment. It has a way of moving the ego aside by a practise of cultivating staying with the rhythm, rather than your thoughts. The beauty of shamanic drums is there is no right or wrong. It is a way of releasing anger or sadness, or expressing passion and joy. It is also a wonderful way of bringing together a community and connecting with one another. Often people new to the drum worry that they won’t know what they are doing, yet by the end of their first session they have found some form of primitive expression they didn’t know existed within them. In today’s society when we are becoming increasingly disconnected from one other, it’s a perfect opportunity to come back to finding your tribe and cultivating community within our lives through free expression.