I am.... Many things to many people but mostly I’m a spiritual being having a human experience.  


I believe we are all divine creators, who came here to shine brightly.


'Be yourself; everyone else is already taken'.

Oscar Wilde


Watching trees or holding leaves, reminds me I’m part of something bigger, an interconnected web of energy.  Much like photosynthesis in plants, we have our own alchemical processes whereby we can convert ourselves into more light.  Becoming a reiki practitioner I was taught about energy; which is within us, surrounds us and connects us.  Once I understood the world in relation to energy, I began to understand how we are then capable of creating energy (getting into a higher vibration) and transmuting negativity.


Yet 5 years ago I didn’t see the world this way.  I used to live my life in a bubble.  I lived for the weekend and felt like my dreams had disappeared.  When you’ve been down for a long time, the natural way is up.  Compelled to live life differently I took an unknown path, changed careers, opened up my creativity and explored my own spirituality.  This led me to Reiki, energy healing, past life regression and shamanism, all of which I use in my current method of healing.


My passion is to help others to break through walls, or ways or seeing the world which no longer serve them, as I did.  

My mission is to help others create a life aligned with their hearts joy.  


Dark 2 Light Reiki helps people to hear the calling from their own souls and to stay aligned with their higher selves.

Our higher self is the knowing one who leads the way when we learn a new way of listening.