My Drumming Journey

My belief is we all have wild spirit in us that is ready to soar.  All we need to do is open the cage door so we can set ourselves free….

And oh, does it feel good to be there! 


Everyone has intuitive ability and everyone has their own unique expression.  We are all creative when it calls to us. Often all we need is a safe, supportive environment to assist with tapping into who we really are.  The greatest gift is to allow yourself the time to find what your individual sound is. 


My love for drumming began when I first joined a shamanic drumming circle.  Having that space to make noise freely - both individually and in a group - helped me release my own heartache, find a means to connect my voice with my body and allow my creativity to flow.  I found a place within myself I could come home to. 

As a shamanic practitioner, I have been attuned to calling in spirits to assist with healing, creativity and transformation.  I have developed my own means of healing through the drum, with deep meditative journeys to connect with my spiritual guidance.  I also assist with character development and creative approach to shamanic work within theatre.   I have run drumming circles for businesses, as a means for bringing people together in a collective sound, as well as running workshops for a homeless centre for women.  I have drummed with people who don’t speak the same language as I do and have gone through some terrible hardships, but hearing them drum expressed a vulnerability that couldn’t be put into words. 

I also work one to one with people in my healing sessions.  Please email me on my contact page for further information.